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Thursday, July 07, 2016

7th CPC Salary: HRA and TA

It has been decided by Government to Constitute a committee to examine the 7th CPC Allowances. Nothing can be speculated about the rates of Allowances until the Committee submits its report on Allowances.
HRA and TA are one of the Main components of Salary.
It is clear that if the 7th Pay Commission comes into force with immediate effect after publication of Gazette Notification, the HRA and TA will be paid at Sixth CPC rates in pre revised Scale. It means the amount of HRA and TA paid in Sixth CPC will continue for next few months. The Central staffs will be paid all the allowances in pre revised Scale up to the Committee decides on Allowances. It will take more than four months for Government to decide on HRA and TA.
So actual increase on account of 7th pay commission implementation will be 14.29 percent over Sixth CPC Basic + 125% DA. The increase in Basic Pay only will be reflecting in 7th CPC salary .
It will be wrong to say that 7th CPC gives 23.45% increase in Pay and Allowance for CG employees at least for some time.

Friday, March 11, 2016



Stage-I : Engineering Services (Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination (Objective Type Papers)

Paper-I : {Common for all Candidates} 

General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Paper 2 hours duration 200 Marks (max.) 

Paper-II : Engineering Discipline-specific Paper 3 hours duration 300 Marks (max.)

Stage-I : Sub-Total 500 Marks (max.) 

Minimum Qualifying Marks for each Paper should be at the discretion of the Commission. 

Only those candidates qualifying at this Stage to be permitted to appear for Stage-II examination

Stage-II : Engineering Services (Mains/Stage-II)) Examination (Conventional Type Papers) 

Paper-I : Engineering Discipline-specific , 3 hours duration 300 Marks (max.) 
Paper-II : Engineering Discipline-specific ,3 hours duration 300 Marks (max.) 

Stage-II : Sub-Total 600 Marks (max.) 

Stage-I + Stage-II Sub-Total 1100 Marks (max.) 

Only those Candidates qualifying at this Stage (i.e. Stage-I + Stage-II) to be permitted to appear for Stage-III examination 

Stage-III : Personality Test 200 Marks (max.) 

Stage-I + Stage-II + Stage-III   Grand Total 1300 Marks (max.) 

Only those Candidates qualifying at this Stage (i.e. Stage I + Stage II + Stage III) to be included in the Final Merit List of Engg. Services Exam. 

Thus the marks secured by the candidates in the Stage-I (Objective type papers) of the Engineering Services Examination should be added to the marks secured in the Stage-II (Conventional type papers) of the Examination and Stage-III (Personality Test) and accordingly, such marks secured by the candidates in Stage-I should also be counted for merit.


(Stage-I, Paper-I)

General Studies and Engineering Aptitude 
(Stage I - Paper I, Objective type, Common to all Candidates, 2 hours duration, 200 Marks maximum) 

The questions from the following Topics will be set in Paper-I of Stage-I 

1. Current issues of national and international importance relating to social, economic and industrial development 
2. Engineering Aptitude covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability 
3. Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Analysis 
4. General Principles of Design, Drawing, Importance of Safety 
5. Standards and Quality practices in production, construction, maintenance and services 
6. Basics of Energy and Environment : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation,        Climate Change, Environmental impact assessment 
7. Basics of Project Management 
8. Basics of Material Science and Engineering 
9. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based tools and their applications in Engineering such as networking, e-governance and technology based education. 
10. Ethics and values in Engineering profession 


Note: The paper in General Studies and Engineering Aptitude will include Knowledge of relevant topics as may be expected from an engineering graduate, without special study. Questions from all the 10 topics mentioned above shall be set. Marks for each Topic may range from 5% to 15% of the total marks in the paper. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

What matters most for cracking IES, GATE ?

For last few months, I am receiving spate of phone calls, emails from future aspirants of GATE & IES regarding what should be within us to crack it & even appear for such exams. Many aspirants are apprehensive whether they can clear these exams coz' they have less CGPA during graduation. 

I am writing this to clear such doubts for my friends who are preparing for these exams.

At this outset, I would like to give following advise to all who are preparing or planning to appear in these exams.

1. Do not think about past academic performance while preparing for these exams. What & how you will prepare will matter most. 

2. Going for coaching is a personal decision but in one of my blogs I have mentioned that, if you prepare well from the standard text books, there is no need for spending money on coaching, Save your money for party later on when you get selected. 

3. Forget about your 8 semesters of engineering studies, only 30% study with full sincerity rest we all know how Engineers pass their exams. Plan your studies with special reference to the syllabus & pattern of past year question papers.

4. Somebody emailed me to inform me that he was happy that he could solve one numerical asked in IES. What is so abnormal in it, if you have your basics right, you can solve it. Questions asked are not tough but they assume that you will apply your basics of engineering into it to solve them. 

5. Time management is very important, whether during preparations, or during solving questions during exam. 

6. Most importantly, do not forget to party in between your preparations for relaxing. I took 2 months break after getting through with my Paper-I syllabus. Attack again with rejuvenated spirit & zeal !

7. Remember GAT of IES as scoring paper & maximize your scores there.

8. Also, gain tremendous confidence to defend your stance, this will be helpful during interview when they will be assessing your personality to take very responsible Engineering Services job of Govt. of India. 

9. Believe me guys, there is nothing better than Class-I officer in India. 

So cheer up, forget past misdeeds, engage girl friends, party hard & prepare well. All the best who are reading this during their preparations !!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

IRSME Officer to be next CMD of Air India

Sh Ashwani Lohani, IRSME officer to be next CMD of ailing Air India, move expected to revive the sick airline. Proud moment indeed.

IRSME Officer to be next CMD of Air India

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Zonal Allotments to IRSME 2012 Batch at Indian Railways

Its been over a year since I joined Railways after clearing IES 2012, yesterday I got my zonal allocation and got my first choice ie West Central Railway


In order to get zonal railway of your choice its very important that you get good rank so as to avoid unnecessary frustration of working in some areas not of your comfort and choice. Having said that it doesn't mean that we continue to work in same zone for whole career but its good to start well from your comfort area especially when the job is new.

Just share !!