Saturday, April 11, 2015

Zonal Allotments to IRSME 2012 Batch at Indian Railways

Its been over a year since I joined Railways after clearing IES 2012, yesterday I got my zonal allocation and got my first choice ie West Central Railway


In order to get zonal railway of your choice its very important that you get good rank so as to avoid unnecessary frustration of working in some areas not of your comfort and choice. Having said that it doesn't mean that we continue to work in same zone for whole career but its good to start well from your comfort area especially when the job is new.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

UPSC IES -Mechanical Engineering Final Snapshot for revision

Final snapshot of what needs to be focused during final revision is a must for any serious aspirant. This decides a definite syllabus to be attacked in order to crack the examination. Go through it and customize your final strategies accordingly.

Paper I:


  • TD Relations, Availability, IC Engines-Theory +Questions, Turbojet Numerical
  • RAC: Psychometrics, Bell, VC, VA, Air Refri
  • HT: Conduction (Res Concept), HX, Fins , Convection, Radiation ( Fg, emissivity, energy balance concepts)
  • FM:  B Application, Pitot, Similitude, B  Layer, Kinematics, Pipe Flow
  • Compressible Flow : Isentropic flow, Fanno, Rayleigh + Derivations
  • Fluid M/c: Pump, Compressors, Steam turbines, (concepts –vel diagram)

Objectives: 40 Q(FM)+ 25(HT+RAC) +30(TD,ICE)+25(FM-2)

Concepts grounding:
  • .       TD Relations: Tds Equations, joule coeff, C-C Eq, Availability ( 1st law + 2nd law)
  • .       Cycles of RAC + Compressors (single acting, double acting, volumetric efficiency, mass flow )
  • .       HT – Resistance concepts, Energy balance concept, Emissivity concepts(shape factors),LMTD, NTU
  • .       Compressible: normal shock, flow in nozzles (choking)
  • .       Fluid Machinery: Velocity Diagrams, Gen Formula for WD, efficiency


  • Balancing – rots, Reciprocating( Coupled, Uncoupled), Inline, V, Radial
  • Flywheels, Governors, Gears, Gear Trains, Vibrations (fundas)
  • MD: Belt Drives, Cotter, Power Screw
  • MOS: Beams, torsion, thin vessel, failure theories, columns
  • Fe-C Diagram –should be able to make it and explain all micro constituents
  • PE: PM, HERF, EDM, Thermit, Arc, Modern welding, Casting, Metal cutting
  • IE/OR: forecasting, jhonson, line balancing, Queus, PERT/CPM,TP, AP, LPP